Thursday, September 5, 2013

Basil Coconut Pistachio Vegan Ice Cream

Many years ago I heard of a Fresh Basil Ice Cream from a small cafe in France.  I started experimenting with the idea, and found it was wonderfully refreshing!  I ended up having my version of the Fresh Basil Ice Cream published in the cookbook Eating for Two by Robin Lim (my amazing midwife and CNN HERO of the Year).

The other day I went to my cook-book shelf and searched and could not find it anywhere. (I like to lend out my overflowing stash of cookbooks.)  So, here I am, 18 years and 4 children later, and I make so many vegan dishes now, I thought, "How hard can it be?  I must try it!"

I ran out to the garden and grabbed a couple of large handfuls of fresh basil (making sure to always take the part of the plant that is flowering, so that it will keep making MORE basil for me!)  Into the Vitaprep I put the basil, 2 cans of organic coconut milk, and some sugar. I blended, tasted, and added a bit more sugar.  I left the mixture in the fridge to chill while I started dinner, and then put it into my Kitchenaid Ice Cream maker attachment, and 15 minutes later, it was done!

My kids and husband liked it, and then I added some chopped pistachios to the rest of it, and put it in the freezer.  Each day I have been enjoying a little bowl of it SO much!
There are probably too many words in the name of this treat, but I love the creamy, fresh, slightly surprising taste that it has.  Coconut ANYTHING is fantastic to me (I even use a coconut hand cream!)  Maybe I should come up with an acronym for the name. But I need to sleep...

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