Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vegan Food Pyramid and Special Nutrients

Most Vegans love healthy food so much that they easily get a wide variety of colorful fresh fruits and veggies!  Here, the Vegan Food Pyramid (from is beautiful too!

There are a few nutrients that Vegans need to pay SPECIAL attention to make sure to get...

Vitamin B-12 can only be found in the vegan diet if it includes fortified grains and soy products. Vitamin B12 helps transport red blood cells, which supplies oxygen to the body and without it, you are susceptible to anemia, which is already common because of today’s diet of prepackaged and nutrient-empty fast foods. Vitamin B-12 supplements vary in effectiveness. Sublingual (absorbed under the tongue) seems to me the most effective. This one has a pleasant cherry taste that even kids will like! If your supplement is working well for you, you may notice improved energy.

Vitamin D  10-15 minutes of SUNLIGHT (that is right, sunlight) 4-5 times per week is generally accepted to supply the body with sufficient Vitamin D, but if you don’t think you are getting this, eat Mushrooms and Nutritional Yeast (which is a great “cheese” sauce substitute in pasta dishes.)

Zinc is responsible for proper immune and digestive functions, and seems to prevent colds. Sublingual (absorbed under the tongue) seems to me the most effective. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-3 rich foods assist in brain function which can reduce symptoms of depression and memory loss. They can also reduce inflammation in the body which prevents certain chronic diseases. Eat Walnuts as a snack, sauteed with your veggies, or blended in a smoothie,  and Flaxseeds, or Flaxseed Oil over a salad!

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