Saturday, June 12, 2010


We LOVE helping people and we receive a lot of questions on Organic products and Organic Living. Here is an email I received recently...


Hi Lonica!
I bought a couple of inexpensive t-shirts that say they are 100% cotton. But it feels stretchy, which makes me think there is something else in there.
Can 100% cotton be stretchy??????

Organic Lonica Lee's Answer:

Well, this is a GOOD question- technically there can be ANY synthetic in a garment- up to about 12% or so before they have to disclose it. I know this because one of our manufacturers / suppliers handed me a sample of a beautifully soft fleece, and the label said 100% organic cotton. I said "Wow, how did you get such a great fabric without synthetics- I heard it wasn't possible!"

To which he replied, "well there is of course SOME synthetic - you can't make this fabric without it- so it has about 4.5 percent lycra/spandex."

I handed it back to him and I said, "well I will not buy it until it is labeled accurately. My customers expect complete honesty in labeling."
So he labeled it correctly, and we have sold it for a few years, really well.

The same rule applies for socks- it only has to be part cotton to be called "all cotton" - and can still have a large percentage of synthetic. Sad, isn't it?

At least I am sure what we are getting from our manufacturers! Of course you need a tiny bit of stretchy fibers to get the sock to stay on your foot - to be a sock! 100% cotton is NOT stretchy. In our experience the amount of stretchy fibers needed is usually between 1% - 15% at the most. We invite you to check out our wonderful organic cotton socks...

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