Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Visiting the At Home Store

When my daughter Lily was four years old I made her some hand-knitted leg warmers to wear to her dance class.   I used a gorgeous ocean blue colored handspun soft wool yarn from the At Home store on our town square in Fairfield, IA.   Now Lily is almost 13 years old!  Her little sisters Alexis and Sofia want to wear them... but we need another pair! So we went to the store to pick another color. Alexis said she wanted the same blue, but with RED stripes. So we chose a soft almost pinky red, along with more of the same gorgeous blue. Rosie, the owner of the store, showed the girls how to wind the yarn from a skein to a ball, so it is all ready to be knitted!  I can't claim to know how to knit amazing sweaters like the fair-trade, organic ones that we sell, but I can aspire to make them!  Click the picture below to see our current collection...

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