Friday, October 26, 2012

Final Harvest of Organic Rainbow Chard & Kale for Winter!

Killing Frost is TONIGHT!  (Hard to believe when it was literally 82 degrees on Wednesday (and htis is Friday.) Anyway,  I am in the garden today trying to harvest a huge amount of the Organic Rainbow Chard and Organic Kale to save for winter!

I wash it and put it in the VitaPrep with just a bit of water, and then afterwards I pour it into the 1 gallon freezer bags. After freezing, we will be able to break off as much or as little as we want to add to soups, stews, quiches, lasagnas, and my favorite - FRESH Juice for breakfast.

I refer to the juice I make at breakfast time as "Special Juice" because kale-chard-carrot-apple-beet juice is not easy to say and doesn't win the hearts of my 4 children.  My 3 year old daughter Sofia asks for it every morning: "Pesh-ul Juice".

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