Monday, February 13, 2012

Healthy Valentine's Day!

I am a chocoholic, and I will be giving and eating chocolate and other treats today! But Valentines Day, like every day, it is time to start off the day off healthy, because you want to FEEL great! This is the juice I make every morning only today I called it Valentine's Juice!

Valentine's Juice in front of the gorgeous roses my husband Brian gave me!

Carrot, Apple, Kale, Beet, Orange, Ginger - you can do the proportions however you like, depending on what you have on hand. I usually put Pomegranate too but I was out of that today. Then if I have an extra minute, I pour it into the Vitamix and blend it with some Ice, Chia Seeds and Hemp Hearts (this gives it more of a smoothie texture, and lots of protein and omega. The "Recipe" is below.

My husband and I love having this juice every morning - it makes you feel fantastic! Even our 2 year old Sofia enjoys it!

Two year old Sofia enjoying her Valentine's Juice!

Valentine's Juice RECIPE
put the following into your juicer:
4-8 Carrots
3-5 Apples
4 leaves Kale
1 Orange
1 large Beet
2 inches of Ginger Root

Then if you like, pour your juice into your blender and add the following:

2 spoonfuls (or so) of Chia Seeds
2 spoonfuls (or so) Hemp Hearts

Note: This makes a LARGE amount, because my husband and I each drink a HUGE glass of it! The small glass pictured above is about how much our 11 year old daughter or our 2 year old daughter will each drink.

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